DIY: Gold Glitter Wood Letters


DIY Gold Glitter Wood Letters!

Hi everyone! Decided to get crafty today and show you guys a DIY Gold Glitter Wood Letters I attempted by trial and error. Hope you enjoy it!

This art project is super easy (and very messy!). I highly recommend going outside to do this, as the glitter goes everywhere!

Items Needed

Here are the Letters before. I got 5 for $10 at a store called Typo at the Mall of America


Step 1: Put the Mod Podge on the foam brush and then apply it to a letter.

Step 2: Pour the glitter onto the letter


Coat the whole front side (use your fingers with the excess glitter if you need to!)


You're fingers will look like this afterwards though (be prepared-I wasn't!)

Step 3: Spray UV Resistant Spray on to secure the glitter

Step 4: Voila! Glitter letters that are unique and one of a kind!


I decided to put them in my bedroom (I've since moved them). They are great for small businesses and offices as well.

Hope you have enjoyed this DIY project. Make sure to follow my blog for more articles soon!