2015-2016 TV Predictions, Reviews and Ratings

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supergirl-featured-image (1)

Here are my ratings, thoughts and predictions for the 2015-2016 TV show trailers

* Indicates I'll watch in the fall


The Family*

Like a mix between Secrets and Lies, Finding Carter and Resurrection. I actually liked this one.

Reason to watch: Liam James (Psych, The Way, Way Back), the detective guy from Sherlock, interesting plot

My Rating: B+

Prediction: Renewed

Of Kings and Prophets

Although I'm a Christian, I'm not always into biblical movies. I never got around to watching The Bible or AD.

Maybe someday I'll get around to it. Glad it's on TV.

Reason to Watch: Biblical Epic

My Rating: B

Prediction: Renewed if it's good

The Catch

Looks more like a movie to me (like Catch Me If You Can). Not a huge fan of the title. Also, not enough cast members for a Shonda show. My biggest issue was that I can't figure out how this story could last for many seasons.

Reason to Watch: Bethany Joy Lenz, in a role other than Haley James Scott on my favorite show One Tree Hill. And it's Shonda Rhimes so I'll give it a shot (UPDATE: The two leads who played the couple, including Bethany, are being recast....seriously Shonda Rhimes?)

My Rating: B+

Prediction: Possibly Renewed


A "Dallas" like show, with a young poor couple trying to get rich

Reason To Watch: Chace Crawford, in his first TV role since Gossip Girl

My Rating: B-

My Prediction: Toss Up

Dr. Ken

A comedy starring Ken Jeong playing a doctor, which he used to be in real life

Reason To Watch: Ken Jeong, more diversity, funny sitcom

My Rating: B+

My Prediction: Toss Up

The Real O'Neals

The Goldbergs on Acid

Reason To Watch: Weird spectacle

My Rating: D+

My Prediction: Cancelled

Wicked City

A story about murder in LA in the 80s I think. I got bored watching the trailer.

Reason To Watch: Murder + Chuck Bass

My rating: D

My Prediction: Cancelled

Uncle Buck

A lot of controversy over the title and I really don't think this show looks funny or interesting.

Reason To Watch: More diversity on TV

My rating: C-

My Prediction: Cancelled

The Muppets

I've never really watched the muppets, but there's no way this is getting cancelled right away.

Reason To Watch: The Muppets, Duh

My rating: B (Neutral-not a fan, but others are)

My Prediction: Renewed


This show actually got me to watch the trailer twice. It looks like a LOT of plotlines in one episode. I'll be watching this one.

Reason To Watch: Lots of great diversity, interesting plot

My rating: A

My Prediction: Renewed




I'm so excited about this show-looks amazing! Melissa Benoist was well cast

Reason To Watch: Greg Berlanti produced show, like Arrow and The Flash, with potential crossovers. First female superhero show.

My rating: A+

My Prediction: Renewed



Another show based on a movie I haven't seen.

Reason To Watch: BRADLEY COOPER!!

My rating: C

My Prediction: Toss Up

Angel from Hell


Story about a bad angel? It doesn't look that good.

Reason To Watch: Jane Lynch (Glee) and Maggie Lawson (Psych)

My rating: C

My Prediction: Cancelled

Code Black


Looks like The Night Shift. Basic ER drama

Reason To Watch: ER drama

My rating: C+

My Prediction: Cancelled

Life in Pieces


Looks similar to Parenthood

Reason To Watch: Family drama/comedy, great cast

My rating: B+

My Prediction: Renewed




Containing a virus. Original

Reason To Watch: For fans of Contagion, Julie Plec

My rating: D

My Prediction: Cancelled

DC's Legends of Tomorrow*


A combination of minor characters from The Flash and Arrow. I'm excited for these characters to have more lead roles. Not sure what the story lines will be beyond fighting though....

Reason To Watch: A bunch of awesome characters from The Flash and Arrow on one show

My rating: A

My Prediction: Renewed

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend*


A musical comedy about a girl obsessed with an ex-boyfriend who moves from NYC to CALI to be with him

Reason To Watch: if you love rom-coms and musicals

My rating: B+

My Prediction: maybe renewed




A Ryan Murphy epic involving murder and college. Basically Glee and American Horror Story had a child

Reason To Watch: Amazing Cast, awesome sets, costumes, etc..., Ryan Murphy is a genius, intriguing story.

It also looks a lot like all the sorority movies out there (it's sad that I've actually watched all of these): Sorority Wars, Sydney White, Sorority Row (a terrible horror movie), and The House Bunny.

My Rating: A

My Prediction: Renewed (with possible spinoffs)

The Grinder*


An actor who played a lawyer on TV for years decides to become a real lawyer. I'll admit this one didn't turn me off. Plus I love the cast.

Reason To Watch: Rob Lowe

My rating: A-

My Prediction: Renewed



I'm excited for this one. An older bachelor finds out he has a son and granddaughter. Hilarity ensues.

Reason To Watch: I love John Stamos and Josh Peck and really like the concept.

My rating: A

My Prediction: Renewed

Minority Report

Based on the Movie that I haven't seen...Not my type

Reason To Watch: Action packed and big budget

My rating: C

My Prediction: Toss Up



"Sexy" version of Bones, according to the comment section

Reason To Watch: Morris Chestnut

My rating: B-

My Prediction: Probably renewed

The Frankenstein Code


Another Frankenstein reboot....

Reason To Watch: Interesting concept, remake of Frankenstein

My rating: C+

My Prediction: Toss up



The devil lives in LA? Ok that's plausible...ish

Reason To Watch: Count as many devil references as possible

My rating: C

My Prediction: Toss Up

The Guide to Surviving Life


Frat bros learn to live as adults after college. I feel I could somehow relate to this show being a recent college grad.

Reason To Watch: Funny scenes, Justin Bartha (National Treasure, The Hangover)

My rating: B

My Prediction: Possibly renewed



Looks like an extremely racist cartoon. I dislike cartoons so I won't be watching (according to the comments not a lot of others will be either)

Reason To Watch: None

My rating: F

My Prediction: Cancelled




Like the concept. A woman wakes up with amnesia and there are clues tattooed all over her body.

What's weird is that it stars Jamie Alexander, who had a extremely similar role on one of my favorite shows, Kyle XY.

Reason to Watch: Jamie Alexander is a great actress, interesting story

My rating: A-

My Prediction: Renewed



Another Grey's wannabe. The star even played a doctor on Greys.....

Reason To Watch: If you love medical dramas

My rating: D+

My Prediction: Cancelled

People Are Talking


Don't understand the plot, boring leads.

Reason To Watch: Zach Morrison as a grown up

My rating: D+

My Prediction: Cancelled

The Player


Not my kind of show, but people in the comments seemed to like it.

Reason To Watch: Drama

My rating: C+

My Prediction: Renewed

The shows I'll be checking out this fall: Scream Queens, Quantico, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Grandfathered. I may also check out The Family, The Grinder, Blindspot and Crazy-Ex Girlfriend.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.