Why I hate the term "millennial"

Why I hate the term "millennial"
Why I hate the term "millennial"

The term millennial has got to stop.

I mean really stop.

I was unaware of the connotations of the term until I started college and the generation gap started to be a bigger deal once you entered adulthood.

Since then, I've come to associate the term with "lazy, spoiled, unqualified." Not a great group to be apart of.

Since starting in the workforce, I have to admit what other generations view mine as can be very, very wrong.

Because there is a disconnect with how we were raised vs how they were raised, there seems to be more issues than between generations past.

I read an article earlier today and I thought it was genius. It's called "Why Marketers Should Stop Marketing To Millennials". Basically the point was "stop trying so hard!"

I highly recommend reading it after finishing here.

Another thing, why are millennials AKA 18-30 year olds the target audience for companies anyways? Think about it.

Most are struggling to find work and if they do have a job, are probably paying off student debt. They are living in apartments they can barely afford and are living paycheck to paycheck. Stability seems to start in your thirties when you've found steady work, may have a dual income home and make more money. They have more cash to spend on products. Why isn't Generation X being more marketed to then Generation Y? And the baby boomers, many who are retiring and have about the same money as us, why aren't they being marketed to? I don't understand the need to please my generation when we are freaking poor. Really, Generation Z is who you need to go after. Those in middle and high school whose parents will buy them anything and everything.

My biggest issue is millennials in the workplace. I see so many articles telling employers how to Understand millennials when they should be teaching them the skills we lack as a result of poor training.

I think the biggest reason behinds the way workplaces see millennials? The workplaces themselves.

The corporate world is notorious for being a slow machine of change. It takes years for simple changes to happen. In the world of startups, social media, etc.. the world is moving very quickly and many of my generation are used to the speed. Trying to work in a corporate position where the protocols seem to inhibit any innovation, that would put me to sleep too! No wonder no one is motivated to work, our ideas get stifled. I've heard many a complaint about wishing a company would do something new, when they've been doing the same thing for decades. No wonder those on top of the ladder tend to be the ones that change quickly, like Amazon, Netflix and Apple. They've accepted our generations way of thinking (always changing, always improving)

As for millennials themselves, I can attest that I felt fully underprepared entering the workforce. Colleges are really at fault here. There really is no college course teaching you how to use a fax (not our fault you are still using one and we don't know how to use it...it's 2015 people!), how to answer phones, basically any skills any now outdated company needs.  The real talent, the best of the best of my generation, are not being picked up by corporate, they are starting their own startups (and being successful!) as well as working for other startups. They are being entrepreneurs. I dare you to find any millennial I follow on Twitter and call them "lazy". Those who cannot find a job, as the qualifications are insane for someone literally coming out of college, are pursuing entrepreneurship, especially women, who now have the confidence and skills to make their own jobs. "Working" doesn't always mean a 9-5. I work 2 part time jobs (I was working 3) run this blog and my own videography business. Yes, that's me the "lazy millennial" haha. Good old corporate America is only seeing those who are following the path that has been set for decades, many of whom dislike the outdated and slow moving machine. I like being challenged. I like change. I also don't like being grouped together as a stereotype that doesn't apply to me.

Much like the term "feminist" still brings out a distaste in peoples mouth, I think that the term "millennial" needs a rebrand. A reboot. There are so many talented people out there who just don't deserve to be lumped with what the world sees them as. I know there are others out there who agree with me. I also know there are some rotten apples in the bunch, but there are in every generation. We're digital natives and eventually, we're gonna be in charge. That's scary for a lot of older people, but really, we've been raised in this environment, so it's not really our fault (just saying!)

The last thing I want to create is controversy, but seriously? This needs to be said. And I think both the boomers, the Gen Xers and the Gen Y (my preferred term for Millennial) really need to start communicated rather than judging. We may never understand the mindset of the other group, but we need to respect and be considerate of one another. What my generation needs are mentors with experience helping us, rather than judging us. You may not understand us, but that's ok. We will help you if you ask.

I've never been so excited to be alive at a time when so much innovation is happening. The world is only slowing us down. Hope you can join me in a fresh start. What would you like millennials to be called?