15 Best Glam Planners

Planners Planners everywhere!

I don't know about you, but within the past 6 months or so planners have become so popular online. From Pinterest, to Instagram and even to my fav, YouTube, planners are all the rage.

Being someone who puts everything in my head on not on paper or even my phone, I figured I should start researching buying (and using!) a planner.

Here's what I've found to be the best and most talked about online.

Erin Condren ($50-70)


These planners are no pretty penny. They are the most coveted and replicated planners on the market.

Bluesky Target Day Designer Planners ($10-20)


For a cheaper option, I've been seeing these online and many bloggers have gotten these lately, as I'm sure Target is marketing them like mad to bloggers. They range between $10-20 dollars.

Kate Spade ($30-36)


I'm a huge Kate Spade aesthetic fan (gold polka dots are my weakness) so I've always kept these in my mind.

365 Happy Planner ($24.99)


I'm a fan of Belinda Selene on YouTube and discovered this planner after watching her videos. These planners cost $25

Lara Casey Powersheets ($35.00)

via laracasey.com
via laracasey.com

Although there wasn't a great video to post, the Lara Casey Powersheets were something that I discovered last year.

Good old filofax ($35-110)

Ever since watching Ashley Olsen obsess over her filofax in New York Minute (anyone?), I've loved the idea of owning a filofax. However, so many more options exist that I may not go that route.


The following 7 I've just learned about so I don't know much about each of them.

Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner ($25-35)


Kikki K planner ($64-100)


Ban.Do planner ($20-28)


Limelife Planner ($40-55)


Inkwell Press planner (not listed on website)


Emily Ley ($58)

Just DIY it! (cost=unknown)


Passion Planner ($20-40 Kickstarter)

This recently funded planner from Kickstarter is a really cool idea, because in addition to being a great planner, they also encourage you to follow your dreams and passions.


Freelancer Planner ($25-Kickstarter)

For those of you who are freelancers and need something not so "cute" and more "useful", this may be a new option for you.

Those are the top 15 planners I'm looking at buying. Which one is your favorite?

Hope you guys enjoyed!