The Tale of the Long Lost Typewriter

Hey everyone! So I thought I'd write a quick blog post because I'm just so excited about my new (old?) typewriter! What's awesome is that it's been in my family for generations!

Here's the story

According to my Aunt Janice, this typewriter was purchased by my grandma Marian (who passed away last year) at a garage sale. My mom's family was pretty poor growing up and this was what my mom ended up using in college (in the 1970s! She lugged this to community college and finished typing papers in the front seat of her car!) My mom always told me stories about typing on this typewriter.

Fast forward to this summer. I've been shopping with my mom at Antique stores looking for props to focus on my Stock Shop. Typewriters have come back into fashion and are pretty popular images online. I'd almost bought one or two black typewriters at some of the antique shops I frequent, as I think they would make awesome props for my photos. My mom was sad that we couldn't use the one we thought was long gone.

Fast forward again to Monday. My mom and Aunt Janice were antique shopping and my mom came across a typewriter and said "Jenna's been looking for one of these" and Janice says "Why don't you use the one in my attic?". My mom was shocked! Grandma's old long lost typewriter wasn't long gone after all!

So today I went over to Janice's house to see the typewriter and Janice told me I could have it!

I brought it home and started researching, wanting to find out what year it was from. We were thinking maybe 1950s/60s but to our shock it was actually from 1923! A Royal Model 10. It was made years before my grandma was even born! It was in really great condition compared to some I've seen at Antique stores. The ink doesn't work and I'd need to buy new ribbon (I actually typed the words on the paper and printed in the printer).

What an awesome discovery and a great addition to my collection. Plus the fact that it's been in my family for so long is just icing on the cake!

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Thanks for reading!


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