Nashville Trip Highlights!

Hey everyone! I'm back from my trip and back to my blog! It's been a while!

So if you didn't know, my dad has been in Nashville since August teaching undergrad finance at Vanderbilt University. It's something he has always wanted to do, as he went to Vanderbilt for graduate school. He's been back and forth as well as my mom as they have been long distance. I was finally able to visit him for the first time! He is living in an apartment in Franklin, a suburb 20 minutes south of Nashville.

So I thought I'd give some highlights of my first trip to Nashville!

Nashville Trip Highlights

We flew in on Thursday night and my dad picked us up. The next morning we took a tour of the common areas of his apartment complex.

Then we drove over to Nashville to see his office and some of the school.

I had heard about this Parthenon so we drove to Cenntenial Park and went into the museum. There was an event so I didn't get the best pics.

Here's me and the Goddess Athena

Then we went to Rotier's Restaurant, which I had read had some of the best burgers in America. My parents thought they were ok.

Then we drove over to the Belle Meade Plantation, which was a working plantation. We didn't have time to go inside so we just kind of drove by.

Then we journeyed into a cool area of Belle Meade and looked at all the expensive houses.

We think this is Carrie Underwoods but I was not convinced.

Then we went to the Carnton Plantation and again just looked around without a real tour.

The next day Saturday we went to Old Franklin and met a realtor at the Frothy Monkey. My parents are thinking of potentially investing in a property in Nashville that we may rent out, but nothing has been decided yet. It was so packed (Taylor Swift apparently loves the one in Nashville). While they were talking I toured all the shops in town. It's like a mini Stars Hallow.

After lunch we journeyed to downtown Nashville

We walked across a pedestrian bridge.

This picture was from the top floor of the George Jones museum

Me and Elvis!

Stopped by Hatch Print Factory

Broadway avenue, where all the bars are.

Got some ice cream!

Then we traveled to the 12 South area of town to visit Reese Witherspoon's store Draper James that just opened. I'm a fan of her clothes, but they were so expensive. Loved the store!

Then we went to a store called White's Mercantile that I saw on Pinterest. It's a really hipster area and i loved it!

Then Sunday morning I looked up some churches and found one at The Factory in Franklin (which was actually an old Factory) called Journey Nashville and I loved it!

Then on our way to the airport we again drove by some tourist sites, this time the Grand Ole Opry. So expensive! Hope to see a show in the future!

That was my first ever trip to Nashville! It was so much fun!

Hope to write another blog post before my speech next week at MN Blog Con!