10 Helpful Facebook Groups for Creatives

10 Helpful Facebook Groups for Creatives

This year, I completely changed my whole life after discovering the power of Facebook Groups for Creatives.

I'd been in Facebook groups before, but it was mostly for people I knew IRL and they usually died off.

Then I discovered the Creative Facebook groups and I've learned so much by both asking and answering questions as well as just reading some of the posts.

Styled Stock Photography was, which lead me to launching this site earlier this fall.

Here's some of my personal favorites. I hope you find one that falls under what you are looking for. If you don't, search for your topic and most likely you'll find a group. I believe no facebook group is too big, but some can be too small and not worth joining.

DYOB (For Bloggers)


I love the DYOB facebook group, which is headed by Marianne Manthey, who runs designyourownblog.com. It's a great group for blog design, if that's something (which to me it is) important to you. Great tips and great place to ask questions! I even was featured in a giveaway!

Rising Tide Society/Local Tuesdays Together(For Photographers & Creatives)


By far my favorite group, the one that's influenced me the most and the one that helped me launch JennaRedfieldDesigns. The amount of knowledge I've gained from this group is priceless. If there was one group to join, in any creative field, it would be this one.

In addition to that, they have local Tuesdays Together groups in most states. I've gone to both of the first two meetups and they are great! Highly recommended.

The Joyful Entrepreneur (For Etsy Shop Owners) 


The Joyful Entrepreneur is the basic group by Sarah Sewell, who is one of the biggest sellers on Etsy. She has a paid group called Flourish, which I joined, then left as I didn't have time to utilize it to its fullest as I realized certain things I didn't need help with. But if you need help with Etsy, I'd recommend checking it out.

Other groups for Etsy shop owners are Etsy Sellers and Buyers & Etsy Buying and Selling

Poshettes (For Videographers)


I discovered this secret group for female videographers and was so excited as I'd been searching for months. Another wedding group is Wedding Videographers, but I found there to be too many egos/bullying in that group. I prefer talking to other women who are easier to ask questions to and not as judgmental.

Squarespace for Bloggers and Creatives (For Squarespace Site Owners)

If you run/own a Squarespace account (I have two) I've asked questions in this group and learned a lot.

Social Media Managers (For Social Media Managers)


Again, a great resource for social media managers/marketers

The Peony Project (For Christian Blogger)


Being a Christian, it was nice to find a small group of bloggers who shared my beliefs. A very uplifting group.

Show Your Blog Love (For bloggers looking to grow their blog)


These facebook groups are controversial, but I found them to be helpful when kickstarting a blog/social media account/business. Basically you do follow for follow and blog commenting for blog comments. It's a way for people to find you, but it's time consuming and you get kicked out if you don't follow through. I got overwhelmed and stopped using it for every post.

Local Blogger Facebook Groups

(Minnesota Bloggers/Twin Cities Blogger Collective) (For Bloggers to find new local friends)


I discovered my first ever bloggers meetup via Minnesota Bloggers, which lead me to meet some awesome people. Then the Twin Cities Blogger Collective meetups started.

I wrote a whole other blog post about local meetups I've found in the Twin Cities. This has lead me to make many new friends and learn so much more about blogging.

Local Swap/Sales Groups

I found a local sales facebook group that had over 18,000 people in it. I ended up selling a camera lens on there. What I liked is that it wasn't just for selling, but also asking questions for things in the area.

Those are my favorite Facebook groups for Creatives (with some bias :))

What are yours?

10 Helpful Facebook Groups for Creatives