10 Things To Do Before Launching An Etsy Shop

 10 things to do before launching an etsy shop

10 things to do before launching an etsy shop

Etsy Shop Tips for Launch

I launched my Etsy Shop, www.etsy.com/shop/jennaredfield  in September and since then have launched my own website jennaredfielddesigns.com, earned 18 5 Star Reviews,  and have gained over 1,300 instagram followers on the new account I created before my launch. I want to share some really basic things that I wish I had read about before launching on Etsy.

1. Get a DBA or LLC, look into trademarks

DBA, also known as a Doing Business As, is something you file with your state. To obtain a business bank account, you need either an LLC (Limited Liability Company, which means that if something bad happens and someone wants to sue you, they can't take any of your personal property, just that owned by the company) or a DBA. I got a DBA for my etsy shop, as I sell digital products with a low chance something will go wrong.

2. Get a business bank account

Make sure you keep every receipt you use to buy something for your shop. These can be used for your tax returns.

By having a separate bank account, you can see how much you spend vs how much you make and can keep track of your spending

3. Join Entrepreneur Facebook Groups

Ladypreneur Community, Being Boss, The Joyful Entrepreneur, Savvy Business Owner, Savvy Etsy Shop Owner, Babes in Business, The Rising Tide Society, Etsy Buying and Selling. These and many others are great Facebook groups to join. I've gotten more out of these groups in less than a year than I could have gotten in 3-5 years without them.

4. Take good photos of your products/invest in lighting

Sales are all about the way things look. If you have poor looking or dark images for your first impression, your sales will suffer.

I purchased these lights from Amazon http://amzn.to/1WztEbs for $50 and it really makes a difference.

Also, I recommend you purchase a small white square table from Ikea for around $9.

5. Do Keyword/SEO Research (or just research in general)

Keyword research is HUGE for Etsy. Knowing what to put in your title as well as your tags is, besides your images, the most important way to boost sales.

Recommendation: Purchase the book "Phrases That Sell" which is full of awesome phrases for copy, get SEO books from the library or Amazon Kindle Unlimited for cheap and learn how SEO works. Interested in learning more in SEO? I have a blog post I wrote about while working at an SEO company about what not to do with your SEO on a website.

In addition, use the tool "Etsy Gadget" and "Marmalead" to check out your competition. I started using Etsy Gadget after I launched and you can see where your products rank for certain keywords, similar to Google.

Tip: Use all 13 tags!

6. Purchase your domain/Start a Blog

Purchasing your domain for your own website is a good idea before starting your shop. Whether you go with Wordpress vs Squarespace, which I've written about previously, pick a domain and stick with it. You can import the domain into both of the aforementioned websites. It's also free your first year of Squarespace.

Starting a blog on your website is huge also, as it increases your SEO and adds interest and hopefully traffic to your website.

7. Network with other creatives

This can be online and offline. I've written about some great meetups in my area, but do some research to find other creatives and get them excited about your launch!

8. Launch an Instagram account and countdown to launch

Before I launched my shop, I launched my Instagram, which I then did a 5 day countdown to the launch of my shop using a bunch of popular and trendy hashtags. That got me some followers before I even opened for business. Instagram is HUGE for Etsy, so really take advantage. I'm hoping to write a blog post on why you should make a separate business account.

9. Write your Etsy Shop Story and About me Page

Before I launched, I wrote out what I wanted my Etsy Shop to say about me. This helps your potential customers get a sense of who you are. It's an important step that many forget to do.

10. Get a logo/banner

I highly recommend putting together a banner and a logo for your shop and not your face. Add your products to your banner using Canva or if you really need help, you can check out my services, either stock or custom. It's better to have one ready before launch.

Those are my tips. Let me know what tips you'd like to share in the comments!