Meeting Grace Helbig + Video


Meeting Grace Helbig

Hey guys. Something super exciting happened to me today! I met one of my favorite people on the planet, Grace Helbig!

If you don't know Grace, please do yourself a favor and subscribe to her on YouTube. She's a comedian, hosted a show on E!, has written 2 best selling books, hosts the podcast "Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig",  has appeared on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show & @Midnight as well as 3 movies, Camp Takota, & upcoming Electra Woman & Dyna Girl as well as Dirty30, many internet series including Side Effects, MyMusic, HeyUSA and much more!

I saw Grace, her best friends Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart on Halloween 2014 when I went to the #NoFilterShow in Minneapolis but didn't get to meet Grace. But today I met her!

I talk about my experience in the video below!


Here's some pictures I took & I also did a "Day in my life" vlog above! Such a great experience. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and follow my social media links above!