Creative Chats & Chai Ep. 1: SEO for bloggers

Creative Chats & Chai with Jenna Redfield Episode 1 SEO
Creative Chats & Chai with Jenna Redfield Episode 1 SEO

Hey everyone. So excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube series, Creative Chats & Chai with Jenna Redfield. This week's episode: SEO for Bloggers!

Why I'm starting this series

A few reasons. First, I've been asked more and more by people to individually meet with them and share all the secrets about running a small business, starting a website, building a YouTube and so much more. I've realized that I can help so many more people by sitting down and sharing with the world all of my secrets, thus utilizing my time and energy to go back to building my business. Second, I've been meaning to make more YouTube Videos for myself and have started stepping away from doing videos for others, including weddings and marketing videos. YouTube videos talking to the community I'm building brings me so much more joy.

In this series, I will be discussing different interesting topics relating to starting a business, blogging, social media, product photography and much more!


Seo for Bloggers

Here's my first episode, where I talk SEO (based upon a previous post I've written). So many people on FB requested this topic, so I decided to verbalize a previous post I wrote. I don't consider myself an expert, but I'm sharing the tricks I've learned along the way!

What you can do to help!

Are you interested in learning more about a specific topic in the creative sphere? Wondering which website platform to use? How to start a YouTube channel? How to styled Instagram videos?

Please let me know in the comments or tweet me @jennaredfield what you would like to see.

Thanks for all the support. This will be a weekly series every Sunday.