Creative Chats & Chai Ep. 3: Future Schedule 2016-2017



This week I discuss the future of Creative Chats and Chai and Give you all an updated schedule (below!)

Here is the full schedule for 2016-2017. March: Web Design/Blogging: Wordpress plugins, blogging, content, analytics, wordpress vs squarespace vs wix

April: Product Photography: Lighting, Backdrops, stock photos, photo editing apps

May: YouTube: Starting a Channel, Editing, Tech, Content

June: Social Media: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat

July: Instagram: Hashtags, Editing, Getting Followers

August: Starting a Business: Working from home, launching, networking, branding

September: Facebook: Facebook Groups, Advertising, Marketing

October: Money Management: Taxes/Receipts, Saving Money, Minimalism, Investments

November: SEO: SEO (keywords), PPC, Etsy SEO

December: Home Decor/DIY: DIY, Home Decor, Hauls

January: Tech: apps, websites

February: Legal Copyright laws, LLC

Please comment your requests for discussion and collab ideas!


Jenna Redfield