Creative Chats and Chai Ep. 5: Favorite Wordpress Plugins

The following are my favorite Wordpress plugins.

It's very easy to add plugins to wordpress.

You can go to, download the zip file and then upload, or search under Plugins-Add New in the Wordpress Dashboard.


Site speed:

W3 Cache

This plugin deletes Cache and frees up space to make your website faster.

WP Smush

This plugin smushes file sizes and makes images optimized for your website. BJ Lazy Load

This allows the images to not show up until needed, making the website load faster.Spam: 


Eliminates spam!

Disqus comments

A great comments system that you can control from the disqus website.Font

I can add my favorite font Ink Blossoms to my blog! Hello Bar and Sumo Me

Hello Bar you can see at the top of this website adds newsletter signups in a friendly and non-intrusive way.

Sumome is a social sharing as well as a Heatmap software along with other features.

Wordpress Editorial Calendar

Great way to plan out your blog posts within wordpress.

YouTube/Spotify Embed

YouTube embed to help your YouTube videos automatically show up

Great way to add spotify playlists to your blog post.


Instagram widget for your sidebar

Add the Pin It Plugin so people can pin your images on your blog

Pinterest widget (there are others out there as well. Yoast SEO

SEO plugin to help when writing blog posts.

What's your favorite plugin?

See you guys next week!