A Day in My Life


An average Monday in my life :) 7:20-Wake Up

I usually wake between 7:00-7:40 depending on how tired I am and how much I have to do that day.


I usually eat cereal for breakfast with 1% milk. Ever since I was a child I eat 2 different cereals mixed together, usually life, wheaties, golden grahams, honey nut cheerios. I'll never be a 1 cereal person!

7:45 Shower

I like to shower in the morning because it wakes me up, my hair is super greasy and I don't like showering at night and falling asleep with wet hair. I use all natural hair/skin products from whole foods. I've had acne my whole life and don't want my skin filled with gross preservatives so I go super natural on my skin products.

8:00-Get dressed/Makeup/Hair

Depending on whether I have meetings or not, I sometimes don't put makeup (since I work from home). I usually brush and air dry my hair and get dressed.

8:10-Make myself Chai Tea Latte

I like to save money where I can so I make my own latte (I don't like Coffee). I use the Tazo (aka Starbucks brand) Chai Latte that comes in concentrate (you can get 3 for $7 at Costco!), mix half of that, half milk and put it in the microwave. I use a frother that I got for about 5 dollars on Amazon to mix it up afterwards. It's amazing :)

8:15-8:30-Go into Office to start working.

I work from home so I head into my office/studio in my house. Mondays are busy with Go2Meetings so I get ready for those to start at 10.

I usually spend my days researching for blog posts, communicating with the team, working on social media and the website, as well as following up on lead platforms. Every day is completely different.

10:00, 12:00, 1:00 and 4:30-Meetings via Go2Meeting

I have meetings with the different "teams" I'm involved with and we talk about updates.

Work Until 5:30, when the last Go2Meeting (with people in Florida) ends

Leave my house at 5:30 t0 go to TCX class at 6. I usually am ready to go. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the gym, about 10 minutes to change and put stuff in my locker, etc...then I like to be early to set up my stuff (mat, weights, etc...)


Total Conditioning Extreme is my 1 hour Monday class that I go to, which is a mix between cardio and weights.

7:10pm-Leave Gym

Change, drive home

7:15pm-Return home and make dinner. Turn on Dancing with the Stars

I usually make dinner. My favorite meal is chicken quesadillas that I make from "scratch". It takes about 20-30 min for everything to get done. While I'm making it, I turn on DWTS, which starts at 7:00. I usually just have it on in the background (this season I'm not a huge fan of the cast)

8:00pm-Do Twitter chat #creativecoffeehour while watching Dancing.

At 8 one of my favorite Twitter chats starts, #Creativecoffeehour, so I'm on that for about an hour. It's a good time you should join us!

9:00pm-Search internet, Instagram, watch Netflix,

After that, I usually watch Netflix or YouTube and get ready for bed slowly. Right now I've started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer so I have that running on my iPhone as I get ready for bed.

Sometimes I blog or prepare/email things for the morning.

10-12pm-Go to bed

Depends on the night, I'm usually asleep by midnight

What does your day look like?