Best American Idol Moments


American Idol officially ends tonight! Thought I'd write a quick blog post about some of my favorite moments!! Getting a bit emotional watching American Idol Finale. Although I haven't watched the show in years, I was a huge fan back in the day. I was fortunate to get to go to a taping in 2013. I grew up playing the American Idol computer game. I was in 4th grade when Kelly won big. Now I'm 24. That's most of my life. Althought it's time for it to go, I will always have the memories of playing the PS2 Game (which I happened to find a clip of online) I was obsessed with this game for a time!


I got to be in the mosh pit on the show and saw Neyo perform with Jessica Sanchez live and shake some glow sticks, which now has over 1 million views on YouTube!

American Idol
American Idol


Here are some of my favorite moments from the series!




Plus who could forget the bad moments?


What was your favorite moment??