10 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs to help build your business

Podcasts, along with Facebook Groups, have been indispensable for me and my business. I've learned so much by listening to the amazing entrepreneurs who are interviewed! I was definitely not a podcast listener until around 2 years ago, but once I started I couldn't stop! I've found podcasts, listened and narrowed down which I loved and which ones I passed on. In addition to the following, I listen to many Pop Culture, Movie & TV and other marketing type podcasts. However, for the creative female solopreneur in her 20s, 30s or 40s, these are my picks for the best podcasts!

(Note: Some Podcasts were available on Stitcher only and some were on Soundcloud (which I prefer) so that's why they are on both. I listen to all of my podcasts on Overcast App.

1. Creative Empire Podcast

Creative Empire is a really great podcast, mostly because the interviews are really in depth and educational. Each guest is an expert in their field and I've learned a lot by listening to these awesome peeps!

Check them out here

2. She Percolates

This is an excellent podcast if you sell products, especially on Etsy or another online store. 

You can listen to it here

3. Make It Happen Podcast

I'm definitely a sucker for anything British and love Jen's laid back approach to interviews. I really loved this interview with YouTuber Estee Lalonde

You can listen to it here

4. Girlboss radio Podcast

I'm a fan of #Girlboss the brand, book & creator Sophia Amoruso, but I love her guests just as much! She interviews people who have been hugely successful bosses & CEOs of large & successful companies. It's really great to see where people got their start and their journey!

You can listen to it here

5. Being Boss

Being Boss is one of the most popular podcasts for entrepreneurs. They have a large following and for good reason-their podcasts are really interesting and applicable!

You can listen to it here


6. All Up In Your Lady Business

This is a newer favorite of mine. I love the guests & the ease of use of tips listed in these, especially on social media apps

You can listen to it here


7. #Createlounge

Kayla is a local friend of mine and it's been fun to listen to here on the #createlounge podcast, which is an extension of the twitter chat. I really like the book club episodes as well.

You can listen to it here


8. Blazing Creative

Blazing Creative is a new podcast I really like, especially because it also focuses on pop culture which is one of my favorite topics. This is a little less structured and I like it!

You can listen to it here

9. Boss Girl Creative Podcast

Another new podcast (to me) and I've already decided I'm going to love it if it's anything like the others listed on here!

You can listen to it here

10. Chasing Creative

Chasing Creative is a great podcast for creatives. Many of the guests they have I haven’t heard on other podcasts so it’s a bit more unique!

You can listen to it here

What are your favorite podcasts?

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