Georgia Wedding Weekend: Lindsey & Roman

This past weekend, we journeyed to Atlanta Georgia (many of us hadn't been in 10+ years!) to witness the wedding of my cousin Lindsey and her husband Roman Fortin.

After some hiccups, including Army Deployment & change of dates and venues, Lindsey & Roman's wedding weekend in Alpharetta/Roswell Georgia went off without a hitch!

My mom, brother, cousin Brandon, Aunt Jan & Aunt Shari's three friends headed down to Atlanta on Friday Morning flying Southwest. I ended up sitting across the aisle from a fellow photographer who was part of Tuesdays Together Minneapolis-small world! 

We made it down and got to see my aunt Shari's new place. Then we journeyed over to Roman's parents for the rehearsal dinner party/afterparty. They live in the most gorgeous house. It was full of about 75-100 people, mostly family & the bridal party. We had amazing food & watched a slideshow & had speeches given (including an impromtu one by yours truly!). I was asked to take some candid pics. Then we went to our hotel to get ready for the next day.

Apologies if some are blurry-I'm used to taking pictures of inanimate objects so this was a new thing for me! 

The next day we journeyed to historic Roswell to tour it, which was the place the reception would be held. 

The wedding was held in the chapel of Roman's home church Perimeter Church, which is very large. There are so many megachurches in the Atlanta area! 

Then we drove 15 minutes to Roswell to the historic Kimball Hall for the reception. One of the most beautiful receptions I've ever been to-coming from a former wedding videographer! 

These photos are mostly candid-all of the professional photos from the pro photographers will be released in a few weeks/months. I just can't help capturing the details! I ended up not taking many in the ceremony, as I find having cameras out is super rude/distracting from the moment. So wait for the official photos from the photographers/videographers for those! Mostly just got some fun photos & photos of the details as well as the most gorgeous lighting outside-literally like a dream! Enjoy :)