How To: The best & easiest ways to add videos to Instagram

How To: The best & easiest ways to add videos to Instagram

So you have your video (hopefully made from JennaRedfield!) and now you want to add to instagram. But how???

I'll walk you through all the ways (including my favorite ways)!

Getting the file.
Your video should me in either .mp4 or .mov file. The following steps will show you how to get it that way if it is not.

Downloading From YouTube:

Do you have a youtube video that you want to use on your instagram? (note: this video must have permission to be used, either by you or whoever made it. DO NOT use videos that don't have permission, as you can get in major trouble). 

In this situation, if you don't have the original file or it's super old but you want to reuse your video, I recommend using either or to download the video. Simply find the url, paste it on those websites and download as a .mp4 or a .mov.

Making the video smaller

One tip i have is to use the free computer app HandBrake, which can convert any video from one format to another. One other feature is making huge files smaller and fit for online. I may do a tutorial on handbrake in the future.

Getting the video from your computer to your phone.

I don't recommend uploading to instagram from your laptop ever (can you even do that? I don't think so) so you must have your computer send the file over to your phone. If you are on a mac to iphone, an easy way is to use airdrop. If not, I personally use either google drive or dropbox to store and access on both devices. 


Once the video is on your phone, now what? 

First, decide what part of the video you want shown. Instagram only allows 1 minute, so I usually do the first minute and then say in the caption to watch the rest, and then add my youtube channel in the link on my instagram. You can either trim the video in your phone or (how I do it) within instagram and the Trim button.
After that is decided, you can add the video. There are a few other things to think about

1. Dimensions: Do you want the video to be "square" shaped or normal wide shaped. Most videos, when made correctly, are in HD and are usually widescreen. You can set the video to be that way when uploading. Otherwise you can make the video square to fit or you can download apps like Squarefit or Square Edit. This is the best solution if you are using the multiple image feature and the first image is cropped and you want to add full HD video.
Below: You can add background colors to the video, move it around, crop and uncrop the video

The app I'm using below no longer exists but many work the same.


2. Adding The Instagram Thumbnail. This is a very important step that many forget. You can actually choose which part of the video, which screenshot, will be the first image they see before they click. You can have a logo, words, etc... This is during the upload part after you've added the video when you come to the screen that says "Filter, Cover, Trim" as seen below. If I uploaded it without selecting the cover, it would have taken the first screenshot, which is black. Yikes! You can drag your finger across to pick which part of the video you want to be the thumbnail.


That's it! Your video is now on instagram

Let me know if you have questions/comments below!

How to: The best & easiest ways to add videos to instagram