Why YouTube? 10 Questions to ask yourself before starting a channel

Why YouTube? 10 Questions to ask yourself before starting a channel

Over the past year of doing online video & running my own business, I've learned so much. 

One thing I've learned is that having a plan is important. The other thing is that knowing why you are doing something is also just as important.

We see the words "YouTube" "online video" and it may scare you. You know you need it, you know it works but have no where to start. Or you're in the middle of it and didn't realize the amount of work & overall learning curve there is.

That's what this post will help with.

I've decided that this post will become required reading for all of my potential clients as well as anyone interested in starting a YouTube Channel.

Here's 10 questions to ask yourself.

1. What's the overall goal of the channel?

People make YouTube channels for many reasons, new form of content, podcasting, promo videos, behind the scenes, education & courses, and many more. But do you know why you are creating videos? Is it because it's the cool thing? Is it for SEO and search results? Make sure that you know going into it that it's a lot of work but also can be one of the best methods of showing who you really are to people.

2. Who is this channel for? Who are these videos for?

Having a target audience for your channel is super important.

Is it for fellow online entrepreneurs? Is it for current clients? Or even more important, is it for marketing and future clients? 

Knowing what you want in a channel really helps when you start thinking of content.

3. Do I have all of my branding down? 

Having a logo, brand colors and fonts are crucial for nailing down a look for your channel before you launch. Then you can create cover photos as well as an intro that fits the look of your website & channel.

4. Who do you like to watch and who's videos do you want to follow?

I always ask my clients to send video of who they like and why. Many people tell me they don't watch a lot of YouTube, which is my first homework assignment. Find a channel or two and tell me what you like/dislike. I learn so much about YouTube by watching YouTube. You see what you like/dislike in terms of content, style, editing, etc... People usually don't realize their interests until they watch videos themselves.

5. Do you have professional equipment?

Equipment is important, but it's one of 3 major elements in a YouTube video-the content, the video setup/quality and the editing.

While many use phones (and that's great!) I highly recommend investing in a DSLR and a good lens. In addition you may need lighting (ring light, box lights), & microphones. 

6. Will the videos be pre-written w/ a teleprompter or more off the cuff?

Many of my clients have done live videos on instagram or Facebook, which are much different than pre-recorded.

Using a phone or a webcam, you can have your script on your computer or if you are using a DSLR I highly recommend a teleprompter!

Check out my review of the Parrot Teleprompter below!


7.  What is your timeline? When is the launch date?

This is something that many people don't think about. I've had many come to me right before they go on maternity leave. Or they are about to shift to a new topic. Throwing together a video ASAP because you need it TODAY is not the answer. That can be worse than doing it at all. It will seem rushed and unprofessional. Having a plan of action and a launch timeline is super important! If you are ready, then go. If not, think about the things you need. But don't psych yourself out or make excuses. Follow through and go back to it.

8. What kind of feeling will this video invoke?

When I get sent inspiration videos, the tone may be different than the overall look that the client wants. Figuring out whether it's going to be low key or high energy is a must have in your business strategy. Will it inspire or energize your audience? What's your online personality like and how will the entire video be consistent with that?

9. What's the call to action you want?

Creating video to create video is fine if you want a creative outlet. It's not ok if it's for marketing purposes. What should they do at the end of the video? What will bring them to your business or website to seek further instructions? Check out my video on how to add annotations


10. Do you know how/willing to learn to edit or will you outsource?

After getting down the content & setup equipment, the final step in creating an online video (besides uploading and promoting) is editing.

That's where I can help! If you are looking for professional editing, check out my services below. Having a good video is nothing without having good editing. You need to have all three to come across in the way you want & look professional.

Do you want to start a channel? Let me know below in the comments!