Coming Soon: The Empath Entrepreneur: New Blog Post & Video Series

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For the last I would say year I've spent a lot of it figuring out myself.

In August of 2018, I found myself sobbing at my kitchen table, after my roommate very kindly let me know that I was an empath. After looking at her confused, I googled the term. I literally had never heard the word before. I started reading a post explaining qualities of an empath. That's when the waterworks started.

In this post I read, I was finally holding up a mirror onto myself that never really been pointed in my direction before.

Since I was a child, I knew there was something different about me. I couldn't put my finger on it. I didn't have any physical or mental disabilities, or anything like that, but I just felt "different". Weird. Not Normal.

Only when I was staring at the computer screen did everything in my life "click" and I just cried & cried (not very surprising-I'm an empath after all!)

Since that day I've spent the last 9 months learning all I can about empathness (is that a term? I don't know what it should be called)

Honestly it's overwhelming (again, empath thing).

I feel guilty about the fact I talk about it so much, that although I want to talk about it always. I have so much to say. However, I was afraid there was going to be no audience. 

But while I've found some resources (Dr. Judith Orloff's FB group & book "The Empath's Survival Guide" have been tremendously helpful), I've never found a youtube series or blogger who came at it from an entrepreneurial point of view, and as someone who's had a blog for over 4 years, I thought it would be a fun experiment to try something beyond lifestyle and business blogging.

I will be discussing my ups & downs, breakthroughs & breakdowns & all of the emotions that comes from being not only an empath but also an entrepreneur.

I will also be talking about my journey through getting through limiting beliefs, manifestation, money mindset, the law of attraction, & much more!)

When will this happen:

I will be recording videos ASAP with different topics. I plan to put out a new video/blog post every week for at least 30 episodes. Launch date coming soon!

Video 1: What is an empath-Going through 30 traits

Video 2: My Struggles-what I deal with most

Video 3: Self Care for Empaths (Reiki, Meditation, Oils, etc…)

Video 4: Resources for Empaths (Books, Podcasts)

Video 5: Triggers (What triggers me, how to deal)

Video 6: Manifestation (What is manifestation?)

Video 7: Limiting Beliefs (What are they & how to overcome)

Video 8: The Laws of Attraction (12 laws of the universe)

Video 9: Relationships & Being an Emotional Sponge (Dating, Friends, Family-how to deal!)

Video 10: Addictions (Why I don’t drink!)

Video 11: Medications & Pain Tolerance-WTF?

Video 12: Sensitivity to News

Video 13: Nature & Animals

Video 14: Storytellers & Marketing

Video 15: Genealogy & Research

Video 16: Music

Video 17: Secret Keeper, Listener (offload) & Mirror

Video 18: Truth & Lies

Video 20: Deja Vu & Paranormal Experiences

Video 21: Agoraphobia (fear of crowds)

Video 22: Tired & Fatigue (never have issues sleeping!)

Video 23: Creativity, Boredom & Empaths

Video 24: Solitude (Pros & Cons!)

Video 25: Freedom vs control

Video 26: Fitness & Weight Control & Food

Video 27: Narcissists

Video 28: All New All the Time!

Video 29: Mood Swings

Video 30: Christianity & Empath

Ready to take this ride with me? Leave me a comment I'd love to know what you want to see from this series!

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