New Logos for Jenna Redfield Consulting

My new logo is here!

I have been wanting new Jenna Redfield Consulting Logos since I made the name change 6 months ago.

I posted on the Twin Cities Collective FB group about it and Laura from Laura Anne Creative took up the call! I wanted to support a new business owner who is just launching & Laura recently launched her business.

I sent over my original JRD logo (designed by my friend Sara Hynes!)  as well as what I wanted, some with and without the word "consulting, using my new color palette, etc....

She sent me a bunch of options and I selected the ones I liked best. 

The biggest thing I wanted was the JR to be combined but still look like a J and an R.

I also wanted to utilize all my colors, especially the mauve color.

Thanks Laura, I can't wait to start using them.