How #goinglocal has transformed my online business

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The online world of business has opened up over the past few years, bringing business owners access to millions of potential leads & clients. With all of these potential leads, it can be a new set of challenges, with time zones, translations, & shipping all across the world a new landscape. I myself held my business open to anyone, with online video editing working across the world, getting videos from all across the US, Europe, even Asia!

However, I learned over time how much I didn’t enjoy working with all these people who I never actually got to meet. How transactional it all felt to me. How as an empath, not being able to see these people in person frustrated me.

That’s why I’ve decided to buck the trend of global and focus my intent on local.

Why?? Why would I give up the millions of options out there, especially with an online business?

I think going against the grain of what’s available, using “local” as my niche has truly made my business grow like crazy.

I took over a local “blogger meetup group” in 2016 & have turned it into the largest (& probably only!) online creative group specifically for local businesses doing marketing & selling online, Twin Cities Collective.

I’ve learned a few things

#1. People have great pride in Minnesota. Like seriously.

Having other people from the same place as you gives people a crazy high. They can share inside stories, make references you get & more. Minnesotans in general love talking about & repping Minnesota. Like it’s crazy. Thus the rise of companies like Sota Clothing & many local based businesses literally making products about the state.

Also we may or may not be making some Minnesota themed shirts soon


#2. Getting together in person makes a huge difference

So many people I’ve met have never met another online entrepreneur before. That sounds legit crazy to me. Putting together meetups & realizing all my connections don’t actually know each other blows my mind every time. There’s so many people in the same area doing very similar things & many don’t realize. That’s what I think so many have found in my group. How much they miss out on while staying online only.

#3. While the leads may not be as many, they are of higher value.

Sure, my lead gen pool has shrunk since focusing on local. But in many ways the value has skyrocketed. Being a leader in a community that has been craving one for years to step up has brought many people into my life & much more trusting audience as well as one that I’ve curated myself with my ethics & overall appeal that I’ve created for my group

#4. There are so many more people doing what you do in your area than you think.

Think you are the only web designer in your city? Think again! More people are doing what you are doing than you may think, but that’s a good thing! You cannot service everyone, so having someone understand really helps!

#5. Word of mouth is so much easier

Word of mouth is by far my fastest way of growing my group. People sit in person and tell their friends. Many online businesses struggle that way, so much paid advertising is spent. I’ve really never dug into that because i’ve never needed to! It simply grows itself.

So, have you taken your online business local yet?

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How #goinglocal has transformed my online business