Video Term Glossary


Annotation: Used on YouTube Videos, you can add annotations to make links on the video clickable. Learn more

B-Roll: Extra footage that goes on top of someone talking

Cuts: Cutting a clip or footage to cut out parts you don’t need

Green Screen: A green screen is used to add effects on top of the green screen. Can be used digitally or physically with a green screen, like on the news.

Final Cut Pro X: Editing software from Apple, one time cost of $299. Can incorporate green screens, plugins and more.

iMovie: Free movie software found on Apple Devices

Jump Cuts: Jumping abruptly in a video if there is dead space

Ken Burns Effect: A slow zoom in or zoom out of a still photo, like in a documentary

Key Frame: Defining the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. This can be used to “animate” text and video by moving them from starting and stopping points

Noise (Visual): When your video looks grainy (with little dots), similar in photography

Lower Thirds: Adding text to the bottom third of the video, usually used to describe a person, location or scene

LUT: Look Up Table. These are used in color correction

.Mov: Apple’s version of video file, can be used on both mac and pc. Usually uses Quicktime player

.Mp4: Very common video file

Outro or Endslate: A Call to action at the end of the video, usually shows previous videos, subscribe button and link to website. Learn more 

Rendering: Video rendering is the process of finalizing a video file from different elements that include edited video files and special effects. Depending on your editing software, it can be done during or after elements are changed. This can take some time to be done.

Royalty Free Music: Music that can legally be used and you don’t have to pay royalties everytime you use it. Check out my guide here

Splice: Similar to cutting, splicing breaks one video clip into two

Thumbnail: The image that shows up before you click the video. Can be uploaded and designed.

Transitions: An added element that transitions one clip to the next.


Video Tools & Equipment:

Boom Mike: a microphone that is held on a pole that goes over the camera and out of frame

Lapel Microphone: A clip on microphone that is used in many situations

Monopod: A camera stabilizer that has one (mono) leg

Slider: A long rod that you can attach a camera and a tripod head to slowly push the camera to make the camera shot smooth.

Sandbag: A bag you fill with sand to stabilize tripods or lights

Stabilizer: A portable camera device that stabilizes your shots when the camera is moving

Tripod: A camera stabilizer that has 3 legs

Tripod Head: A removable head that you can add to a slider or tripod, can be used with specific tripods that don’t come with heads