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I'm so excited that you are here!

YouTube for Business 101 is a series born from the fact that I got many of the same questions over and over and I wanted a resource to share all the steps to take to create videos!

So....what is it?

It's an 8 part video series, all on teachable! You will receive the link to the course exclusively in the email to watch and learn about each part of creating a YouTube video.

Here's a Breakdown of the videos

Video 1: Why You Need Video for your businesss

Video 2: What Cameras you need for your videos

Video 3: What Audio & lighting Equipment you need for your videos

Video 4: Why branding your videos is so important

Video 5: Backgrounds for your videos

Video 6: How to structure your videos

Video 7: How to monetize your videos

Video 8: How to find music legally for your videos

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