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Over the years I've added a ton of different offers and many times they are scattered over a ton of different pages so I instead wanted to simplify them.

They are sorted into 4 categories:

  • Notion (all about the app)

  • Digital Organization, Productivity & ADHD

  • Marketing (specifically online entrepreneurs & video content marketing content)

  • Twin Cities Collective (Local)

All Things Notion for ADHD Entrepreneurs

First, here's my Premium Templates & Online Course (Notion Foundations: All Access)

Life & Business Tracker for ADHD Entrepreneurs Notion Template ($50)

Content Marketing Notion Template ($15)

Menstrual Cycle Notion Template ($3)

Track your menstrual cycle

Grab it here

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Online Dating Notion Template Bundle ($3)

Track your dating life

Grab it here

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Notion Courses

Notion Foundations: All Access Course (Master Notion Step by Step)

Then My Free Notion Templates

Notion Resource Guide (Free)

Notion Journal Template

Get started with Journaling with Notion

Grab it here

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Notion Skin Cycling Template

Track your skincare routine!

Grab it now

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Notion Konmari Template

Get organized!

Grab It Now

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Free Notion Workshop Replays

Facebook Groups

Digital Organization, ADHD & Productivity Resources

ADHD Resource Guide (Free)

Simplify Your Digital Life Course ($27)

Learn to simplify your digital life!

Grab it here

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Marketing Content

Marketing Resource Guide (Free)

TikTok Hooks Guide (Free) 

TikTok Hooks for your videos

Grab it Now

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Clarity Consulting Call ($147)

Clarity Call is a 90 minute session

Grab It Now

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Twin Cities Content

Local Resource Guide (Free)

Twin Cities Collective Email Newsletter Signup (Free)

TCC Directory ($20)

TCC Events

Join us for future events!

Learn More

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