Can You Organize Your Life With Notion to be more productive & organized

In a way that actually works with your brain??

Get started with my Top Notion Resources to get you started!

What I Do Here At Jenna Redfield

I provide training for individuals & teams around Notion and Content Marketing

YouTube Trainings

Need to learn about ADHD, Notion or Marketing?

Head to my YouTube Channel for tons of online trainings

Facebook Groups

Need to learn about ADHD, Notion or Marketing?

Head to my YouTube Channel for tons of online trainings

Head to

ADHD & Notion FB Group

Marketing & Notion FB Group

Speaking, Podcasts & Classes

I've taught dozens of marketing classes and have been hosted over 200 podcast episodes, with my podcast and been interviewed on many podcasts and tv channels.

Hourly Marketing or Notion Consulting

Need help with content marketing, websites or social media? Check out hourly consulting.for individuals or teams


“Jenna is absolutely amazing!”

I was debating if it would worth to schedule a coaching sessions with her, and I can say no doubt - YES! She helped me with my website, answered all questions and setups I was trying to solve for couple years by myself! She showed me tricks for Instagram and Pinterest. And the other main thing - I feel supported now, and if something isn't working I can always have an answer from Twin Cities Collective!


I've figured out how to automate my marketing & can teach you to as well.

When I first graduated from college, I had to piecemeal my systems together about what's actually happening today.

I then decided to share that knowledge and 7+ years of daily experience

For the last few years, I have worked with dozens and dozens of businesses, taught hundreds at my live and virtual workshops, hosted and interviewed hundreds of people on my podcast and truly learned so much about the art of digital marketing.

I'm sharing all of my knowledge & experience and expertise with all of you with my marketing coaching options

Every session is custom fit to your business and where you are at!

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