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In addition to helping with marketing strategy, I also help with organizing the chaos that's happening on your computer and providing tools and ideas to sort and declutter.


One of the most important aspects of running a business is having content available at your fingertips. However, most people are never taught that this is important or how to even organize their content. After working with over 100 different clients over the last few years as a marketing consultant, I have created amazing systems that allow businesses to organize their content for more creativity and less stress!

Group Coaching Program

Coming 2023!

12 Week Marketing Program

Notion Foundations COurse & 1:1 training

Struggling to understand all the basics of Notion & how to get started? Well, I'm super excited to announce that we are going to be

launching our Notion Foundations course. It will be a walkthrough of all the different elements of the notion software, as well as

some tips and tricks that I've learned over the last 18 months. With individual step by step, instructional videos, you will be

able to master the app of notion in just a few hours.

What clients say

Jenna Redfield is by far the utmost resource, and it has the expertise in our community and nationwide that I think really helped me to position myself, communicate my messaging, and connect with my audience. 

- Jasna Burza

elping you Plan, organize & create content for your digital life

My Story

After spending years helping small businesses strategize their marketing, I'm now adding organizing their digital content to the mix!

Having systems in place is important before you can even get to the content!

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