Notion Foundations Course now Available!

Here's a bit about what I offer

1:1 Marketing Strategy Sessions

Marketing Strategy

$ 150/hr (5 hours)


$100/hour (10 hours)

Up to 3 people

Marketing Audits

Content, Video & Social Media

Website & SEO

Planning Strategy

Funnels & Email Marketing

Maybe you need technical support. Maybe you are stuck and need an expert feedback on your team's strategy. You want to know the right funnel route to get more leads, sales or traffic.

You can book strategy sessions with me to talk to your team and get a game plan for what you will be doing to get your marketing on track


The first thing we will do is strategize-what needs the most help? What's the biggest goal? What feedback is warranted?


It's time to organize your content & files before you schedule


Taking your content and scheduling it out

Tools & Tutorials

I like to teach or walkthrough and really share my favorite tools & tutorials of apps/software I enjoy

Testimonials of my Marketing Services

Video Editing/Scheduling


$ 40/hr

Minimum 10 hours

YouTube Shorts

Instagram Reels


Pinterest, etc...

I do freelance short form video creation for content creators, small businesses and companies who want to take long form content and turn it into short form.

This can be with brand new video that I can help plan or repurpose old content via editing to schedule to social media.

Notion TemplateS & 1:1 Support for organizing your computer

Notion Template + 30 min Setup Help

$ 100

Notion Content Template

Life Tracker Template

1:1 Setup Support

I love helping people set up Notion and included with my Notion Life Tracker template is an option to work with me for 30 minutes to get your Notion life setup!

I do Q & A about Notion or help walk you through how to organize your computer more effectively.

Notion Templates

I Love sharing my knowledge both 1:1 and with workshops

Jenna did a GREAT job delivering the content. The content was exactly what I was expecting and I cannot wait to implement what I learned

- Workshop Attendee




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