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About Me


Hi I'm Jenna

I'm a local marketing & media strategist as well as community leader at Twin Cities Collective for Bloggers & Creatives & I help entrepreneurs, bloggers, creatives & small businesses learn how to market themselves & their businesses through education, systems & visuals



Welcome to!

Why are you here?

You are a new business owner, blogger, designer or entrepreneur who is overwhelmed by all of the systems & social media platforms you need to thrive.

You need easy to use systems for creating content & selling your products!



My name is Jenna
You might know me from running the popular group Twin Cities Collective for Bloggers and Creatives where we do networking events, have a curated instagram feed and FB group and host a weekly podcast, Conversations with Creatives!


Finding My Passion 

Education has snuck up on me over the years as one of my greatest passions. 

When I was in school, I loved 3 things. Social Media, Presentations & Editing Videos. 

Through running the successful Twin Cities Collective, which includes a large instagram, weekly podcast & networking & workshop events, I've learned so much, but also have drilled down on what I'm good at: teaching people how to better market themselves & their businesses.

 Image: Belu Photography

Image: Belu Photography

In Person Workshops

I teach monthly workshops at Studio Cowork in Golden Valley with my  business Twin Cities Collective. Many of the classes revolve around social media, specially the sold out workshops 'Instagram Growth'

 Image: Belu Photography

Image: Belu Photography

Online Courses

Coming soon to Twin Cities Collective, online courses on topics regarding social media, marketing, video & much more!

 Image: Belu Photography

Image: Belu Photography

One on One Consulting

Now available, Setting Your Systems is my brand new one on one consulting services that I'm excited to share! Click below to learn more


Stock Photos & Mockups


Scrolling Desktop Mockups

Stock Photos & Product Mockups 

I started JennaRedfieldDesigns as a styled stock photography shop. It quickly expanded to a custom product photography business. While it has now gone back to just stock photos, I've added product mockups & scrolling mockups to the mix. You can purchase stock photos in the stock shop & upgrade to the custom mockup scroll effect for just $20 extra.