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Welcome to Jenna Redfield

Welcome to my website!

I'm a Marketing Consultant specializing in short form video content for businesses & personal brands.

I also create content around the app Notion for ADHDers, Neurodivergents and Business Owners

In addition, I run local community group

Twin Cities Collective.

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I've spent years growing my business Twin Cities Collective to over 20k Instagram followers with so many lessons and wisdom along the way.

As a marketing consultant with a passion for helping small businesses reach their full potential. After working in marketing for myself and other brands for years, I decided to become a consultant so I could provide tailored advice to small business owners who needed help with their marketing efforts.

With my experience and expertise, I can provide you with the guidance you need to develop effective marketing strategies and reach your business goals. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for years, I can help you create marketing campaigns that are successful and help you reach your target audience.

Imagine what life will be like when you can market on autopilot?

Here's a bit about me

What I do at jenna Redfield Consulting

I offer specialized services for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

My marketing consultant services include shortform video creation and production, as well as marketing audits and strategy sessions and 1:1 tech setup support for apps like Notion, video editing apps, Canva sales funnels & other social media platforms.


1:1 Marketing Audits & Strategy Sessions

I offer marketing audits and strategy sessions to help small businesses reach their full potential. My audits provide an overview of your current marketing efforts and identify areas of improvement. My strategy sessions are tailored to the individual needs of each small business. I’ll provide guidance on how to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that suits your business objectives. I will also provide advice on the best way to use different marketing channels to reach your target audience.


Shortform Content Production/Editing

I help small businesses create short-form content such as TikToks and YouTube Shorts through the entire process, from ideation to filming, editing and scheduling. With my expertise in digital marketing, I provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with essential guidance and advice to ensure their projects are successful. From creating a strategy to launching the content, I provide customized instruction and support every step of the way. Whether it's a video for a product launch or a series of short-form videos for a brand campaign, I'm here to help small businesses create engaging content that resonates with their target audience.


1:1 APp walkthroughs (Notion + other apps)

As an experienced technology consultant, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand how to use technology and apps to improve their operations and maximize their success. Through one-on-one consultations, I provide objective advice and guidance on how to identify and implement the right tools and processes to achieve their goals. My areas of expertise include video production and strategy, digital marketing, Notion, Canva, & more. I also offer customized training sessions to help entrepreneurs and business owners become more proficient in the use of technology and apps. Whether they need assistance getting started or want to learn more advanced techniques, I'm here to help them on their journey.

video X testimonials

"So I my mind is blown. I feel like I know things that all things Instagram and then I realized that I really don't. Jenna Redfield is by far the utmost resource, and it has the expertise in our community and nationwide that I think really helped me to position myself, communicate my messaging on Instagram, and connect with my audience. And I mean, today I'm seeing I'm like, oh, boy, you can do that. You can do that. I'm inspired, excited. And I feel like there's just so many ideas that I have. They really believe they're going to benefit me and those that I serve. So thank you, Jenna."


"After this class was back, I left feeling calm, a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to use social media, particularly Instagram and reels. And I just feel like I can actually do this now, because before this class, I didn't feel like I could. So I'm really excited to go forward."

Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson, JD, Ed, Growth Strategist

"If you want to know or if you're overwhelmed at all about what to do on Instagram, talk to Jenna Redfield. I just took a class from her and I'm going to buy her package, because it's so overwhelming and I feel so much freer now because I've got a little bit of extra information now and I'm going to get more. Thank you, Jenna."

Bonnie Graff