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Brief summary

What I do at Jenna Redfield Consulting

At my full-service short-form video creation company, I offer a range of options to help businesses create and execute a successful video marketing strategy.

The VIP coaching program is a one-on-one experience where I work with clients to ideate, create, and publish high-quality short-form video content tailored to their brand and audience.

For those who prefer to handle the creation of video content themselves, I also offer standalone video editing and scheduling services called Snip, Clip & Drip (Snipping footage, creating clips and dripping content out) I take raw footage and transform it into polished, engaging video content, while the scheduling service takes the burden of publishing off our clients' shoulders, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Finally, my live coaching program, Video Visibility Bootcamp, is a comprehensive live 30 day course designed to help businesses elevate their video marketing game. From content ideation to video creation, publishing, and promotion, the program covers everything needed to achieve video marketing success.

In addition, I offer a ton of Notion resources, from

No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that they will receive expert guidance and support from an experienced video marketing professional

VIP Video Visibility VIdeo Coaching

Get the FULL service short form video production, from ideation to filming to editing and scheduling

Shortform Content Production/Editing

Full Video Editing & Scheduling Services

Coming soon:

30 Day Group Cohort Program

Focused on helping you be consistently making content!

Here's what I'm about

I am so passionate about video marketing & using Notion to plan content

I want to share all my learnings with you, either through my educational videos, courses or 1:1 over zoom.

I am constantly keeping up to date on the latest marketing and will let you know what's working & what's not

Come away from working with me with professionally edited and published shortform video content that showcases their brand and engages your audience.

Clients say...

Jenna Redfield is by far the utmost resource, and it has the expertise in our community and nationwide that I think really helped me to position myself, communicate my messaging, and connect with my audience.

Jasna Burza

Clients say....

I thought Jenna was very knowledgeable and thorough in her assessment of our social media. She offered really great suggestions in regards to the look and the feel and even how to post . I would recommend her to any business!

Felicia Schafer

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YouTube Channel

After starting my first YouTube channel in 2006, I spent years working on my craft of video production. This channel is now a weekly abundance of useful content, a mixture of Marketing/Productivity/Notion.


Optimization Toolbox Podcast

Started in 2017, my podcast has shifted names and focuses over the years, with the main focus being marketing & improving and optimizing your life using tools, hacks and tricks.


Starting fresh on Notion? I have 3 amazing templates (Life Tracker, Business Tracker & Content Planner Template) available as well as bundles!